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1Sat Dec 20 2003 22:21Len sangredicristo@yaahoo.com
New Guestbook
2Sun Dec 21 2003 02:52
3Sun Dec 21 2003 08:53savumaki karlpakk@nexicom.net
hav't looked yet- sounds interesting; I need a new hobby.
4Tue Dec 30 2003 18:30jim agnew mozoman@earthlink.net
I want to make old world sausage and need to learn about starter cultures
5Wed Dec 31 2003 21:31Pat Pmcdan62@AOL.COM
Looking for receipes for retired husband who decided, after watching Emeril, that he would like to make sausage.
6Thu Jan 1 2004 18:52Vaughn G. Proctor Sr. KEITHADR@cs.com
I'm a newcomer to home salami making and want to
try my hand at it. What is CALCIUM CHLORIDE?
Where can I get it?

Thanks, Vaughn
Vaughn G. Proctor Sr.
3011 Del Ray St.
San Mateo, CA 94403
(650) 573-5691
7Fri Jan 2 2004 07:36Michele Spencer formergrappin@yahoo.com
Just looking for info--Like what I've seen so far!
8Sun Jan 4 2004 09:00Ibrahim Dasoki daood.h@scs-net.org
Many thanks for teaching and improving this hoppy
9Mon Jan 5 2004 17:37Steve & Mary-Anne Durkee shantihhh@aol.com
We love making sausages. It all started about 18 years ago when we wanted duplicate sausages from the various regions of Thailand.

We're over in Alamo about an hour plus from you!

Where do you buy the casings, especially the sheep/lamb casings?

10Mon Jan 5 2004 17:39Steve & Mary-Anne shantihhh@aol.com
PS We are now learning to make Serbian Croatian sausages and dried meats from our future son-in-law!
11Tue Jan 6 2004 11:33Roger Lyons geezer@voyager.net
Looks like some sausages I would like to try.
12Fri Jan 9 2004 13:49tom harvey harvey-t3503@sbcglobal.net
Just now looking over your site. Will comment
13Mon Jan 12 2004 05:56charlie chilton charliecf@281.com
great webb page
14Fri Jan 16 2004 11:21Randy Kovatch rmk.blk@mchsi.com
This looks like a very good web site. I am getting really excited about making my own sausages. I have acquired several deer and I am interrested in making venison sausages. I will try the recipies as they are printed first, then if I like the finished product, I will substitute the venison. I have viewed several web sites over the last few days and this one is the best that I have found.
15Sun Jan 25 2004 09:27CARLOS ALBERTO GOMEZ calgom532002@yahoo.com
Your web page is excelent, i am producer of prosciutto , coppa , jams and other meats.
Thank you for your ideas and comments .
16Sat Jan 31 2004 12:35jason molinari
This is possibly the greatest sausage and salumi page i've ever seen! I looked forever for recipes for coppa and others, and i found it all here. This is GREAT.
17Sun Feb 1 2004 04:31bob fleegle fleebagtn@aol.com
I experiment alot with wild game and I receitly got a wild hog(sow)and it is fantastic.just checking for some different ideas.made stuffed cabbage last week ,the wife loved them to death till I told her what they were a week later.should not of said anything,next time I won't.
18Sun Feb 1 2004 08:06Tim Covey hillbillycookin@aol.com
Would like to see a recipe for summer sausage with pepper cheese.
19Sun Feb 1 2004 12:13Tom Vaccaro tomv36@cox.net
Mouth watering site!
20Mon Feb 2 2004 09:55Bill Rozell falderol1@yahoo.com
Great site!
21Mon Feb 2 2004 12:19Don Leyshon dleyshon@cox.net
Love to make homemade sausages. Originally from PA, now AZ. Can't find good cold smoke meat anywhere in AZ, in process of building my own outdoor smokehouse. Can't wait to try some of your recipes.
22Wed Feb 4 2004 11:39Scott Guiher WSGUIHER@aol.com
Great site. I have always wanted to make my own sausage. As a child all the families around Crossville, TN used to get together and slaughter hogs and make whole hog sausage. I have never been able to duplicate that wonderful taste. Maybe now...
23Thu Feb 12 2004 17:33Tom Harding tarka2@iprimus.com.au
G'day Len. great site, I am a retired butcher fed up with buying inedible sausage from stores so decided to produce my own, commercial sausage is totally different to home made, so I had to change my mindse t no problem.It would be helpfull to have a printer friendly option for your site, my only complaint. cheers Tom
24Mon Feb 16 2004 20:55Phil Shiota shiotap@aol.com
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent explanations of making sausage. I live in Sonoma so I had to say hello. I smoke salmon as a hobby.
25Tue Feb 24 2004 20:07Anthony Ranaudo aranaudo@snet.net
I have started making my first dry sausage Salciccia secca. It has been 2 weeks now. I will try Soppressata next
26Wed Feb 25 2004 10:42Thomas Davis td1@look.ca
Fantastic and very imformative! Thank you so much Len,
I have a feww questions for you regarding my homemade spanish style chorizo! May I email you?
27Wed Feb 25 2004 15:01bley lbley@fayette.k12.in.us
students entering cooking contest need help with sausage making
28Fri Feb 27 2004 12:51Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Reyes angel_rafael_rodriguez@hotmail.com
Excelent site. The best a have ever seen on internet!!! Keep going strong!!
29Fri Feb 27 2004 17:30Larry Mattei AL12034@AOL.COM
Good Work
30Sat Feb 28 2004 11:37john leggio mbmadden77@yahoo.com
31Sun Feb 29 2004 14:45Rene Lafrance tr7@videotron.ca
First let me congradulate you for your site ... it is imaculate and I love it. Glad I found it. I have 1 question. In some formulations in the ingredients list you refer to "CURE#1".Could you explain what it is ?

Best Regards
Rene Lafrance
32Sun Feb 29 2004 20:07louise weeza@ozemail.com.au
enjoy your site, hope this reaches you.
33Wed Mar 3 2004 07:09Marcus Castillo mcastillo_101@hotmail.com
You have a great website! I can't wait to get started!
34Sat Mar 6 2004 20:12Janet Hoopes - Ohio hoopes@frognet.net
Thank you for such a wonderful web site! I have been craving S.F.Salami for YEARS. Can't wait to give it a try....
35Sun Mar 7 2004 13:56Edgardo Velez evelezunited@aol.com
36Thu Mar 11 2004 14:28Jose Margozzini jpmargozzini@yahoo.com
excellent article
37Mon Mar 15 2004 13:20Ken Roberts shirlken@everestkc.net
As I am just starting out, I found your site very informative and the pictures help a lot.
38Wed Mar 17 2004 08:07Eileen eileen.burza@perdue.com
I Love your web site. It is exactly what I was looking for. I remember my grandmother making sausage when I was little, and unfortunately the art was lost as neither of my parents were interested in learning from her. I am excited to find a site with as much science as yours. THANK YOU for doing this. Your efforts are appreciated.

39Mon Mar 22 2004 20:43RICHARD C. SNOPEK rsnopek@ yahoo.com
40Mon Mar 22 2004 20:47RICHARD C. SNOPEK rsnopek@ yahoo.com
I am trying your recipe for sopersotta.I'd like to hear from more people in this hobby. I'll let you know how the sopersotta turns out.any recipes for salami?
41Tue Mar 23 2004 09:07David Logsdon dlogs4321@aol.com
What a GREAT site. I am new to sausage making and this site has inspired me. Thank you for sharing you knowledge.
42Wed Mar 24 2004 01:31LFrakes frakesfamily @hotmail.com
I tried to view your latest addition of Tony's sausages, but nothing loads on the page?? I tried a couple of times, and it seems like the other pages of the site are loading/working properly.
44Mon Mar 29 2004 02:22Jef Foster jfoster@sbsconsulting.com
Great Site. I'm a chef for a large hotel chain and want to start making my own sausage at home love your recipes and will use some of them espically the maple and apple recipes but I'm wondering if you have a pesto recipe for chicken, veal, pork or beef
45Tue Mar 30 2004 09:44Richard P. Ciminelli dnrcimi@optonline.net
The BEST sausage web site I've ever seen. Superbly organized and detailed information, complimented with excellent web organization and graphics. A real materpiece, keep up the excellent work.
PS, I noticed that you have a Bradley smoker, as I do. I cannot get mine to cold smoke. Even with the main heating element off, the temp dial reads near 150F. Any thoughts?
46Thu Apr 1 2004 21:40Deana DL12873@aol.com
47Fri Apr 2 2004 16:34Vince ajoway@msn.com
great site!!!!
Len GREAT SITE !!! I have been making sausage, salami and prosciutto most of my life from old Italian recipes,I am looking forward to try some new ones THANK YOU.BUON APPETITO !!!
49Mon Apr 5 2004 13:50faan henning beaconplate@xsinet.co.za
fantastic icould spend another week reading all the recipies
50Wed Apr 7 2004 12:55Dave Marquette Dmarq425@aol.com
I love your site, the best by far on the net, it is like sausage U but is there any way that we can read the answers to the questions posted on the guestbook? Seems to me that this would make a great FAQ reference and avoid repetition, maintaining this "GREAT" site has to take a good chunk of time as it is.
51Tue Apr 20 2004 04:33Nigel Pedersen npedersen@iprimus.com.au
love your site. great recipes and info
52Thu Apr 22 2004 07:19robert colbert Colby @ optusnet .com.au
great siteI am a new sausage maker looking forward to lots of new infomation
53Wed Apr 28 2004 10:44Franco Dunn franco@tavernasanti.com
Your website is great. I am the chef/owner of Santi Restaurant is Geyserville. Bruce Aidells is a close friend and we have made sausages together for years. Keep up the good work!
54Fri Apr 30 2004 13:34Jas i_leen@yahoo.com
I love fresh sausages and bratwurts, none of that hot dog stuff and came across your web site which I must say is very well made. I love biting into the sausage and feeling that little "pop" as the casing breaks :P.
55Sat May 1 2004 00:36Henry Bacarisse henry@bacarisse.net
Thank you for creatig this site.

"Comments from a Pilgrim in the QUE"
For "Some" of my thoughts, which are updated daily, visit:
56Sat May 1 2004 04:58minda galvez mindagalvez@hotmail.com
I am happy to know your recipe and hope I'll enjoy it.

Just me,
(From Philippines)
57Tue May 4 2004 09:40Irene athi_73@hotmail.com
I would like a recipe for making procuitto (not procuitto crudo) at home. If you could please send me one.
Thank you for creating this site. It is very helpful. Irene from Australia
58Tue May 4 2004 12:28Jessica Flax bubbiex5@yahoo.com
Now that I know that there is a salami web-site I will be busy in my kitchen making salami
59Thu May 6 2004 15:18Walt Travers wtravers@amgen.com
60Sun May 16 2004 19:50Robert Lindemann lictkg@rconnect.com
Great page keep up the good work.
61Fri May 21 2004 04:09Mike Dewhurst mikedewhurst@netvigator.com
Throughly enjoyed your web site. Truly an inspiration. Clear instructions and excellent recipies. Perhaps like other readers am wondering where to buy "cures". Thank You very much. (I'm buying the mincer this weekend!)
62Sat May 22 2004 00:32Rainer Fruhauf rfruhauf@sbcglobal.net
You have interesting and very useful site, which I always enjoy visiting.
63Mon May 31 2004 16:58vic yturraspe lookard@aol.com
love your web site vic
64Tue Jun 1 2004 11:40george hanna gehanna1@hotmail.com
GOD bless you
you are great

you helped me a lot with these excellent recipes
do you have a recipe for mortadella that use a spice called myrtle.this is how the origonal mortadella been made for ages.italine manufucturer of mortadella are keeping this a secret.
thank you
waiting for your kind reply
65Tue Jun 15 2004 05:33John Davies jdavies5@smartchat.net.au
A very informative page. Thank you for your efforts. I am at Evans Head, NSW Australia and am about to embark on making my favourite fruit - sausages. Your page is an inspiration.
John Davies
66Mon Jun 21 2004 22:17Mohammed Gulam mgulam@yahoo.com
Good site!
67Tue Jun 22 2004 13:51Joseph Naquin hobo399@netscape.net
Very Good Site
68Tue Jun 22 2004 18:49mike inlow minlow@bellsouth.net
the best sausage recipes that i have found, thanks
69Thu Jun 24 2004 23:45Brent Crooks brent.crooks@sympatico.ca
One of the best source of information I have found!!! Thanks for sharing!
70Tue Jun 29 2004 08:37Mike Rosenow mrosenow@tampabay.rr.com
Built a smoker in my backyard the other day, thought it would be interesting to smoke some homemade sausage in it!
71Sat Jul 3 2004 18:42
72Mon Jul 19 2004 14:59minda galvez mindagalvez@hotmail.com
I'll comment later
73Sun Jul 25 2004 10:22Don Caccamise dfc5347@yahoo.com
Your web site is terrific. Thanks for sharing your wisdom !
74Mon Jul 26 2004 15:00tony marcelino atony5491@hotmail.com
REaly enjoy it

thank you
75Mon Jul 26 2004 15:26Janice West mhmdale@mackay.net.au
Great Site.
Could you please send me ideas on how to make a very hot hot hot salami
Thank you
76Thu Jul 29 2004 09:03nutter
77Thu Jul 29 2004 09:05nutter nutter666@hotmail.com
quite interesting but i was supprised that there was no sausage making machines .
78Sun Aug 1 2004 10:57
79Sun Aug 8 2004 10:28Dan Birkett Birwin@hu.inter.net
Amazing, I started out looking for brat wurst recpicies and ended up becoming totally wrapped up in all the different types that are available.

Congratulations on a very well presented web site and thank you for the enormous effort that you have given for the benifit of others.
80Thu Aug 12 2004 11:21John Cimaglia jcimaglia@lakewoodcarpentry.com
great website, tons of info! I had a few questions that I emailed today, hopefully you will be able to offer some advice.
81Sun Aug 15 2004 21:00Peter Sharp flyfisherman@onetel.com
Great site, I'll be using it a lot.
82Fri Aug 20 2004 20:11Tim Kelly beuregard@hotmail.com
Former Oscar Mayer Sausage Maker, future home sausage maker. thanks for such a great site, for reference.
83Sun Aug 22 2004 09:19jack pegram cappeg@hotmail.com
thanks for your page
84Mon Aug 23 2004 07:51Jim Logan jlogan59@optusnet.com.au
Your Web site on this subject is excellent.
I found it very helpful.
I am a qualified Chef but have never made my own cured meat products.
As I always thought it was too dangerous, and in fact here in Melbourne,Australia there have been deaths from badly handled commercial sausage production that have caused new laws to be introduced, and now we have a system called HAACP.
Anyway if I can get a "Walk In" set up I would give it a go.
P.S. you look like someone who enjoys sausages!
Regards Jim.
85Thu Aug 26 2004 16:37Eldon Cutlip dakotahstuffer@yahoo.com
I've been making sausage for more than 35 years. You have a greatsite. Very informative.
86Sat Aug 28 2004 19:02Val DeCoste val.james@shaw.ca
thanks for the recipies
87Mon Sep 6 2004 15:31Stefan Bajkai stbajkai@yahoo.com
Your site is simply super. All recipes are as close to real thing as possible. It is a professional site. Keep doing it. I've been making hungarian sausages for almost 30 years
so I know a little bit about sausage making.
88Tue Sep 7 2004 20:49Keith Jorgensen jorgensenkeith@hotmail.com
I really enjoy reading about your sausage making experiences. I have made several types of fresh sausages, and look forward to making some dried varieties. As I live in Portland, OR, we lack the humidity to dry sausages in my crawlspace. I'll have to invest in a refrigerator and some type of hydrating device.
Keep up the good work.
89Mon Sep 20 2004 10:57rosy rosekhuma@yahoo.com
this is such a wonderful website , am really grateful to u for doing this and it provides such great information to a starter like me. thanks a ton.
90Tue Sep 21 2004 17:21Jerry Hallbauer JLHall@ku.edu
Nice informative website.
91Tue Sep 28 2004 17:41Elie Nassar nassarelie@yahoo.com
I am so glad I found your site!!! I'm still reading through everything.
92Thu Oct 7 2004 13:22Graham Chislett chizziesusa@hotmail.com
I have just found your website and am excited as I worked for a German processing company in South Africa (thankyou for shering yiur knowledge)
93Sat Oct 9 2004 13:15
94Thu Oct 14 2004 10:38Luiz Rodolfo Riccelli Galante bolfo@uol.com.br
Mr.Len Poli:
As a brazilian with italian origin, graduated in meat science and gourmet meat producer, I must give you CONGRATULATIONS for such kindness in making a website like this.
Thanks a lot! (how can I make you questions concerning duck breast curing/smolking...?)
95Sat Oct 16 2004 22:57
96Tue Oct 19 2004 13:33Charlie cbrunojr@msn.com
Len- Just wanted to say that I've made your recipe for Merguez many times and It is sooooo good. I'm going to try the Jerk Sausage soon with anticipation. Just wanted to Thank You. Chas.
97Wed Oct 20 2004 10:27Jay W Faust pincher8@hotmail.com
I just purchased a meat grinder and I'm new to sausage making. Sooo glad I found your site to guide me through.............thanks
98Tue Nov 9 2004 00:48dave hurley davesglasstint@cs.com
i'm real good at texas bbq. love to cook and sausage is an interest.
99Sat Nov 13 2004 18:07Achilleas Miltiadous amiltiadous@hotmail.com
Dear Mr. Poli,

Excellent web-site and your recipes are gems. Thanks for providing know how that has been kept by others as trade secrets or within the family for generations. I am a Greek Cypriot and two cured type prepared meats we have on the island are the Cypriot pork Sausage called 'loukaniko' and pork loin cured called 'Lountza'. Both are marinated in wine, some leave them in wines for days other for more that a week, others pre-cure and then add to wine, others add to wine/brine mixture from day 1. Typical spices are salt, pepper, corriander and we never use preservatives such as nirates or nitrites etc. You will not find these receipes anywhere. Cypriots prepare most cured meats in the winter period when the low temparatures reduce spoliage. Both are typically smoked using shrubs and branches/leaves from the local mediterranean flora. But the wine is key.

Once again thanks and please continue with your invaluable info. like the latest humidity control article.

100Thu Nov 18 2004 08:51Prof. Dr. Yupeng Yan yupeng@ccs.sut.ac.th
Dear Len

It is a great help. Thanks a lot. I have been looking for such easy-fellow formulations for long.

101Sun Nov 21 2004 19:22Nicci De Dienheim ndedienheim@yahoo.com
I live in Central Mexico, NO breakfast sausages.Tried your all pork recipe and love it. Will continue to make it again and again. Next project is your Bratwurst.
102Tue Nov 23 2004 08:44Matt Salvo thesalvo@msn.com
WOW. Finally a place where ALL of my questions are answered...well, almost all of 'em.
103Tue Nov 23 2004 17:44Ross Ingle rgingle@localnet.com
I always make my breakfast sausage,Its a heck of a lot better than store bought
104Wed Nov 24 2004 16:10Jonathan Rice bigmanjcr@aol.com
Great site. I sent you email regarding "nut sausage" inquiry.

105Sun Dec 5 2004 07:29Tom Brown thomas.brown@intergga.ch
Many thanks for creating and maintaining such an informative web site. This is really first rate and you efforts are much appreciated.

106Tue Dec 7 2004 00:24Keith Jorgensen jorgensenkeith@hotmail.com
Thank you so much for your web site. Please continue to update your recipes and technique information. There are so many of us out there that rely on people like you for information on how too's and procedure. I want you to know how much you have influenced my cooking and culinary experiences. Please keep up the good work.
Best Regards,
Keith Jorgensen
107Tue Dec 7 2004 09:03David Biondi grdpatrns@aol.com
Saw mention of your site on the BBQ Form...
Have added you to my favorite places and will be trying to make some Italian.
108Thu Dec 9 2004 08:54Tom LaPres TBLaPres@chartermi.net
Your page was sent to me by a friend on mine, Rick Obermeyer of Rockford, MI. We have been making sausages together for several years and directed a sausage making club locally for the past several years. I have tried a couple of your recipes so far and really enjoy them. I, too, have developed a few of my own recipes and would be glad to share them if you are interested.
109Thu Dec 9 2004 18:04Clint Dixon Texman1323@yahoo.com
I love to hunt and shoot deer and I can cook deer meat in many many ways, but I've never figured out how to make sausage!
110Sun Dec 12 2004 12:21Karl Lauten kplauten@sasktel.net
Hi Len,
Thanks for the great information and backgrounds on sausage making. After decades of disappointment with retail sausage and the stuff local butchers returned to me I have started making my own sausage, beginning with my lifelong favorite: summer sausage. My first batch was good, second great, and third batch just completed is fantastic, schmecks gut! It really is a rewarding hobby, fun, and turns out a product that is far tastier and leaner than anything butchers have returned to me. I also know that my deer and elk meat is truly mine and is as clean and fresh as I want it to be. Thanks for the recipes and advice as it was very helpful in the technical aspects and it provided the encouragement and confidence to actually try it. Had I known it could be done I would have been making my own sausage for decades..............karl
111Thu Dec 16 2004 07:41Harold Camara smokepitharold@tfb.com

You have done an EXCELLENT JOB on your Web-Site.
I have used your Web-Site as my HOME PAGE.

I do plan to MAKE EVERY ONE of the FORMULAS that you have posted on your SITE!

Thanks and I am;

Smoke-Pit Harold
112Fri Dec 17 2004 20:42Greg Alyanakian greg@rhinotuffinc.com
Great website Len! My father-in-law introduced me to making homemade sausage with his buddies and I fell in love with it. I bought two old fashion meat grinders (each has different grinder blades...and they only cost $8/piece so what the hell) from an antique store and I am digging into some of your recipes this Saturday. Thanks for the info and I will let you know how it goes. Also hope to maybe post something unique to your website in the future.

Greg - Sacramento
113Sun Dec 19 2004 21:37al otis alotisco@aol.com
I'm an avid sausagemaker since the 70's, keep me posted on anything ref sausagemaking. thanks.
114Tue Dec 21 2004 09:54Trung Nguyen trung.nguyen@siemens.com
1st timer, I'm looking for the recipes, and tools
to make salami, italian sausage.
115Fri Dec 24 2004 14:52Gene Borza grsystems@aol.com
I really enjoy your recipes. Could you please tell me where I can buy waterproof casings and also a ham mould 6lbs. or preferably smaller
Thank YOU
Gene Borza
116Sat Dec 25 2004 10:16horst filtzer hfiltzer@comcast.net
thanx for all your excellent information, horst
117Sun Dec 26 2004 11:09Paul B. prbmax@yahoo.com
"Freezing Pickle"
Does anyone know the active ingredients in this? It is listed as the curing agent in many old sausage recipes from central Wisconsin. I am not sure what it is.
email me if you are able to help me with this research.
118Mon Dec 27 2004 19:36DOMINICK CHIRICHILLO winemaster7@sbcglobal.net
Great site appreciate the info
119Fri Dec 31 2004 15:04Cheryl ganzcrg@charter.net
I am hoping to get some info to try making my own sausage. Looks like lots of information for me to check out..
120Tue Jan 4 2005 19:36Rick Garofolo rickgaro@comcast.net
I hav just started making sausage at home ,with the help of a man named Joe Ames (who is a friend of my mom,s. he gave me your link an it is great. thank you for all the info.
121Sat Jan 8 2005 13:55allen shevey amshevey@fellerswelding.com
Love to cook.Thanks for sharing
122Sat Jan 8 2005 20:40Jacqueline Nelson nelsonja@telus.net
great site!

123Tue Jan 18 2005 11:46Ed mezmed@yahoo.com
the best website about sausage & salami
124Thu Jan 20 2005 21:19Dustin Hauge dustnlor@fix.net
Great website, thanks for the tips.
125Fri Jan 21 2005 09:40Judy DeRose jktder@ptd.net
Love this website...I was looking for more complete directions for sausage making since I am compliling my mother and grandmothers' recipe files for my family, and of course, they only list ingredients with no directions. I remember making sausage on butchering day very fondly as that was my job, but it has been nearly 30 years ago now! thank you for sharing your great recipes!
126Mon Jan 24 2005 20:13ReyGzz S12AM34THA@AOL.COM
Great Website I actually started making my own sausages from your recepies
Keep up the great work
127Mon Jan 24 2005 23:20Eric ericdego@yahoo.com
Fantastic site..
Never seen so many sausages and cured meats.

Eric from South Africa
128Wed Jan 26 2005 11:49peter rumplmayr prumplmayr@rogers.com
looking for smoked recipes
great site
129Thu Jan 27 2005 23:02Helmut Winzler helmut.winzler@ozemail.com.au
Thanks for your very informative site. You have given me the inspiration (and simple easy to understand recipes and processes) to have a go at making and enjoying my favorite things. Salami, bread and wine. Enjoy.
You would't have a simple plan for a smoke-chamber/incubator would you? Regards.
130Wed Feb 2 2005 04:43Coreyfro http://www.coreyfro.com
Your sight is awesome! While I don't agree with everything (this is quality Italian cooking, where's the fun in conformity?) I think your sight is vital to our ability as people to enjoy this wonderful tradition.

My family will be made aware of your sight, and may'be we'll be joining your webring.

Here's our handy work: Salame Calibrese and my Habanero Diavolo Mix!

Note: The plastic bags are because my mix will cause skin irritation.
131Wed Feb 2 2005 16:57thomas moore jr. 10990 sw 223 street
would love to recieve recipes and suggestions for making "home made sausages".
132Wed Feb 2 2005 18:07Eric Kubera eandjkubera@houston.rr.com
I like the detail you've made available for all types of sausage making. I'm curently only working with fresh sausage recipes. Perhaps cured sausages are in my future. And when that happens, I intend to study your site carefully.
133Wed Feb 9 2005 13:16Darrell Bonnet bonnet@springcreek.net
I hace foung your website very informative and enjoyable to read and I have learned alot.
134Thu Feb 10 2005 02:40JIM DAVIS jedcorose@mindspring.com
135Fri Feb 11 2005 21:53Frank Staley 2flyfish@comcast.net
136Sat Feb 12 2005 18:58Bob Parson parsonfamily@adelphia.net
Hi Len,

Thank you very much for responding to my enquiry and request for your opinion on sausage grinders/stuffers. I believe that even my little KithenAid sausage grinder will grind meats satisfactorily if I keep the meat very cold (so I don't want to blame the grinder for operator ineffectiveness). I believe that I will be better off if I buy a decent sausage stuffer (keeping in mind your well-mentioned issues of flexibility). It seems that if I buy a well built stuffer with flexibility in tube size (say, up to one and one quarter inch) I'd be able to make pepperoni, summer and brats, filling natural and artificial casings. Any advice on stuffers (I see you use a horizontal one)?. You have a great website, and I thank you in advance for any advice and wisdom you may throw my way.

Thanks again,

Bob Parson
137Tue Feb 15 2005 15:16charlie lieb monroyan08@yahoo.com
How long is a hank of smoked sausage?
138Wed Feb 23 2005 08:48larry maddock hoodoobluesman@yahoo.com
thank you for the info
139Fri Feb 25 2005 12:47John jmschwartz@yahoo.com
This is great. Thanks for sharing.

140Mon Feb 28 2005 02:41John Cairns johncairns@clear.net.nz
Hi Len, I have been butchering for 49 years and am still learning.I have tried some of your recipes and found them great.
Will get back to you latter.
Cheers John.
141Fri Mar 4 2005 10:55joe lo grande jlogrande@sbcglobal.net
it is a very good site.I leanr lot of tip from you.
142Fri Mar 4 2005 11:58Rudy Reichelt rudyr@starband.net
This is the best collection of recipes I have ever found. I especially like your Landjaeger recipe.
143Sun Mar 6 2005 10:37John Grajczyk jg26464@earthlink.net
I need a good keilbasa recipe - any ideas
144Mon Mar 7 2005 01:24Nicholas D Canepa ncanepa@comcast.net
Great recipes, I am planning on making several of
the recipes that my Italian family ate all the time.
145Wed Mar 9 2005 21:30Rick Ward rward60@bellsouth.net
1st time, enjoying the reading, looking for instructions in making sausage and smoking it myself thanks. reward
146Thu Mar 10 2005 17:53Dean Graydon graydean@xtra.co.nz
A wonderfull site Congratulation
147Sun Mar 13 2005 05:41Lynda whitcombe lyndawhitcombe@aol.com
My partner shot a deer munching our crops, making sausage from some of the meat with some fat pork. Thanks for the tips and instructions, very helpful.
Worcestershire, England
148Sun Mar 13 2005 10:13Steve Daniels s.daniels@mchsi.com
149Sun Mar 13 2005 22:17Vincent Guardione guardione@uci.net
outstanding site and great info
150Mon Mar 14 2005 17:07Jim Bachmann jim@systemsbybachmann.com
I have spent 2+ years searching the internet for sausage making recipes and procudures. Your site is a wealth of knowledge. Thanks for all of the hard work you have put into this site.
151Tue Mar 15 2005 13:28georges maalouf maaloufgeo1@hotmail.com
i just need to thanks you for your great job i was searching all the world for sausages and i think we have something in common
i'm an agricultural engineer, food technologist, all i do in my life is creating food, relying on the present products.
there is a sausage type here in lebanon called makanek if you like i can help you for the ingredients.
152Wed Mar 23 2005 14:23Ben Ravida benwa518@yahoo.com
My family have been making Italian sausage and Kielbassa for the past 35 years in a small meat market. We no longer have the market. I started making sausages about 5 years ago as a hobby. I now make about 30 different types of sausages. Your web site is the best informative web site I have found on sausage making. It has helped me so much. Thank you for all your info. I like to try different recipes. Your information and knowledge has made it so much easier for me. Thank you again.
153Thu Mar 24 2005 23:08Tony Dekleva anthonyd_01@hotmail.com
I tried making salami from a homemade family recipe and I had a major problem. My salami was hollow in the middle (or mostly hollow) and brown in color--only the outer edge of the salami was red. What am I doing wrong? Can you please e-mail me and tell me? I had to throw 6 salami in the garbage after all that work.
154Sat Mar 26 2005 14:49Kevin Stoffel mrkevinator@excite.com
Nice work! You've created quite a resource for aspiring sausage makers. I like your recipe list, and the .pdf file format. Thanks for all your hard work!
155Sat Mar 26 2005 15:04Wasmund, Robert goldnuggett@netscape.net
have not tried to make sausage yet but will soon, Thanks for your help
156Sun Mar 27 2005 14:47christopher menzel cmenzel224@aol.com
im an avid hunter just looking for ideas for preparing my game.
157Sun Apr 3 2005 08:25TJ hat_trick@cox.net
I used to make fresh Italian Sausage with my father. Dad would give it away at Christmas time and everybody raved about it. I stumbled onto your website a few months ago and my interest was renewed. Yeaterday I cloned some Brats and Breakfast Sausage using you recipes. When I laid out samples for tasting, everybody was raving. The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping me revive an old family tradition.
158Wed Apr 6 2005 05:45Bill Pu astromonster@hotmail.com
Thanks alot for your contribution.
159Fri Apr 8 2005 14:08Gareth Bromley gbromley at intstar dot com
Thanks Len,

Great site full for really useful hints, tips and recipes. Please do keep up the good work!!
160Fri Apr 8 2005 18:27robert tolmer pappatt7@AOL
161Mon Apr 11 2005 12:36Luis Pierre luispierre7@hotmail.com
Dear Lenn

I wish to congratulate you on your website , it is truly a marvel that amateurs like me are able to find such an in-depth technical support as well as practical hints on the subject

I'm sending you my bests wishes from Argentina for your future endeavors ; last but not least be ready for tons of questions ( I?m sorry but I couldn't help being honest with you ) on the art of sausage making ,particularly on hot dogs which have fell into disrepute in Argentina , ( don't ask me why )

Hang in there with your website กกก and good luck
162Fri Apr 15 2005 19:30lisa brady lisabartholomewbrady@yahoo.com
I've just started working for a company that carries all kinds of goodies for sausage making. psseasoning.com Used to work as meat wrapper for a local processor. Just looking to expand my knowledge. thanks for the site. Lisa
163Wed Apr 20 2005 11:16kevin kinchen kkinc98137@aol.com
hi, great website, thanks
do you have a note book of your recipes which you can mail also for reference. I teach some class and have used some recipe. also I have visit procutto factory in italy and they tell me they only use sea salt and time to produce the recipes?

kevin kinchen
164Tue Apr 26 2005 13:49Bill Elliott WE_15@netzero.net
Greta site thanks for the info! Hats off to sausage
165Tue Apr 26 2005 15:12Vic Jewhurst charismasf@comcast.net
I'm interested in making my own sausages and found this web site with Google.
166Thu Apr 28 2005 01:42Jeff Klink jklink1@sbcglobal.net
Outstanding site. Thanks. You wouldn't have a recipe for a german style headcheese perchance?
167Sat Apr 30 2005 08:08
168Sat Apr 30 2005 23:43Jeffrey Kaiser jeffreykaiser123@comcast.net
great site thanks for sharing
169Sun May 1 2005 17:41Rev Dr Bill Burton Purokradio@Yahoo.co.uk
Len, Many thanks for providing such a wealth of information! Recently I have had the opportunity of purchasing the trimmings of commercial boiled ham from a local ham and longanisa factory. What are your thoughts on making some sausage with these? The ham by itself is delicious but the price is very low and I'm looking for a use for this product. It is of course completely cured and is just the offcuts from hams which are shaped to fit into Poly bags. Yours thoughts and/or is\deas would be much appreciated. My wife (a Filipina) and I retired way back in 2003 I'm now 67 and we keep goats and make our own cheese and have a couple of small farms. Regards, Bill.
170Mon May 2 2005 09:07greg de la cruz delacruzgr@yahoo.com
I like sausages too but don't know how to do it at home.Thanks.
171Mon May 16 2005 22:38Ben Montgomery bmontgomy1@aol.com
just started looking
172Fri May 20 2005 15:30Juan H. Ortiz jho1234@hot.rr.com
The Instruction given in this Website are the best. I have copy a lot of Sausage recipes. I, already had informed to all my friend about yor Page.
The only problem that I have encountered is when try to print the 13 pages of instructions. Pages does not meet the Format for regular printing 8x 11" and loss aroung 1/4" from the right margin. My question is how could itcould be able to corrected ?.But like I, said you have the best site. please continue doing a good job. From Killeen, Texas. Juan H. Ortiz.
Note: Need a Phone # where I, can you or your Staff in case I need further assistance.
173Fri May 20 2005 15:31Juan H. Ortiz jho1234@hot.rr.com
The Instruction given in this Website are the best. I have copy a lot of Sausage recipes. I, already had informed to all my friend about yor Page.
The only problem that I have encountered is when try to print the 13 pages of instructions. Pages does not meet the Format for regular printing 8x 11" and loss aroung 1/4" from the right margin. My question is how could itcould be able to corrected ?.But like I, said you have the best site. please continue doing a good job. From Killeen, Texas. Juan H. Ortiz.
Note: Need a Phone # where I, can you or your Staff in case I need further assistance.
174Sat May 21 2005 07:20Lloyd Freeburn freebee@earthlink.net
Keep up the great work. I send people your way all the time.
175Sun May 22 2005 02:35Errol Downs eddowns@alaska.net
You may have the best web site and information on sausage I have seen. Keep up the good work. Errol in Alaska.(retired meat market manager)
176Mon May 23 2005 12:35David W. Cowles cashcow@pclv.com
I just ran across your great website. I'm going to reference it in a cookbook I've been writing. Hopefully, some day I'll get the cookbook published!
177Thu May 26 2005 17:06Maria Beach Mebake2@aol.com
I found your website by accident...looking for Mettwurst...I am very excited about all these fantastic recipes...can't wait to try them out. Especially the german ones. They sure sound authentic...I am already hungry!
178Fri May 27 2005 11:51Joe Blythe joeblythe@sympatico.ca
I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. You have an excellent site and I can hardly wait to try a number of your delicious recipes!